Cortical Visual Impairment Intervention

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ABOUT CViConnect Pro

CViConnect for Your Students

The CViConnect Professional Edition is designed to allow a student’s educational team to work collaboratively in order to provide a consistent approach at school and home.

The application runs on an iPad, although many features can be accessed through a standard web browser.

Key Features

Allows professionals to support multiple students

Ability to assign multiple team members to an individual student

Input student plan and assessment documentation; such as IEPs, Learning Media assessments, O&M evaluations, etc

A full library of activities created for CVI Phases I, II, and III

Both look and touch detection with automatic tracking

Fully HIPAA compliant

Score and monitor growth over time using The CVI Range (with scoring criteria and comments)

Integration with the CViConnect Home Edition for End-to-End tracking



Let’s Get Started

We are ready to accept public applications to our system. Please review our pricing page at the below link and select the plan that works best for you. We are also available to speak with you and consult on any questions you may have.

Latest News

When an Activity is run, information about the execution of the Activity is collected, such as how long the activity was run, when it was started and stopped, the places where the child touched the screen, etc ...
There is a wealth of information on the internet providing education, instruction, and direction on how to help your child with Cortical Visual Impairment. With so many different options, it may be difficult to narrow down a few specific resources to consistently follow for the best information. Here is a list of 5 of the top CVI-related resources that you might not know about ...
From the outset, we encouraged your feedback and promised to make changes that made sense. So, with this announcement, we are lowering the monthly subscription fee to $10 per subscriber per month. We believe this will allow many, many more of you to subscribe to this awesome app and be a part of the CViConnect community ...


Is this program HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the CViConnect program is fully HIPAA compliant.

How do I add a new student?

1. Log into the website. 2. Select the Student tab across the top of the screen. 3. Click the plus in the upper right-hand corner. 4. After filling in the text fields, click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner. 5. You will then be directed to the students page.

Can I print The CVI Range after scoring my student in their online profile?

Yes, you can print using the print options from your web browsers file menu.

Do I have to use my student’s email or their parents?

No, if you’d rather you can use the “” icon to auto-generate a generic email.

Why do I have to enter my student’s email?

The unique email address is used to ensure the program is within HIPAA compliance. If you do not have the students email or do not wish to use their personal email, you can use the icon “” to auto-generate a generic email address.

How do I add a new team member

1. Log On to the website. 2. Using the menu across the top of the screen select Team-CVI. 3. Click the plus in the upper right-hand corner. 4. After filling in the text fields for your new team member, click the save icon in the upper right-hand corner.